Our initiative received a EU grant for an innovative project entitled “Sustainable Infrastructure – development of autonomic construction technology and modern solutions  of applied automation”.

The main area of cluster activity is development of an innovative AFFORDABLE technology of Autonomous Building construction as well as a new "intelligent building" control system.

  1. AD (Autonomous House)  is a key technology  of ​​cluster operations focusing on developing a new sustainable infrastructure solution. It can be defined as a fully automatic (intelligent) building that complies with the regulations  of Article. 9 of Directive 2010/31/EU home of nearly zero energy demand. What's more,  AD buildings are available at the same price as houses built in the standard technology.  AD as a highly innovative technology emphasises the use of renewable energy sources and thus it is a pro-eco technology.
  2. Building Management System  (BMS) is a comprehensive solution for monitoring, control and management of AD and other buildings. It’s a building automation system based on the use of the most modern and innovative technologies “ tailored” to individual needs of  its users. The BMS system is a fully compatible solution including the following modules:

-          the core system (electronics and software solutions) providing  communication, remote monitoring and a full control of the infrastructure of AD building

-          the module adapting intelligent infrastructure of buildings to the needs of the blind and visually impaired (system controlled by voice commands and gestures)

-          the development of a mobile phone module enabling the remote monitoring and management of intelligent home


In addition, the expected effect of the project is also development, implementation and commercialization of  so-called “associated components” (electronics, algorithms, software) constituting the concept of sustainable infrastructure. AD technology and our innovative BMS system will be tested in two demonstrative prototype intelligent buildings constructed in the vicinity of Kraków, serving as cluster laboratories.




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